European River Cruises Offer a First-Class Luxury Holiday

Millions of people go to Europe every year to bask in the scenery and the history while millions more cruise the oceans, going days, even weeks without ever seeing any land. The newest way to vacation though puts both of these destinations together. Now, tourists can see all that Europe has to offer from a luxury riverboat.

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European riverboat cruises offer the same comfort features and amenities as the larger ocean cruise ships but with the views that you will only find in a riverboat cruise.

What is a Riverboat?

Today’s riverboat cruises are eco-friendly, engine powered cruise ships. They are often very long and typically two to three stories tall. They are narrow, to help them to navigate through rivers and canals and their shorter stature allows for them to fit easily under all of the various bridges throughout Europe. The riverboat is said to be one of the most comfortable and luxurious ways to travel through Europe.

Riverboat Destinations

There are many different destinations for European riverboat tours. Visitors can see either select countries, such as a tour along the rivers of Germany, or they can combine tours to create a month long European vacation of a lifetime. The comprehensive tour can include places like Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna and more, with daily journeys off the ship. The length of the vacation depends on the destination and the full itinerary, but it can be as short as 8 days and as long as 22 days. Whatever the length, vacationers get to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime where they can see all of Europe from the comfort of their riverboat cruise.


On most of the available European riverboat cruises you can find most of the same amenities as you would on an oceanic cruise ship. Some of the amenities include a television in the staterooms, Wi-Fi and full kitchenettes. Most riverboats also offer fine dining with European cuisines that complement the destination of the day. Many riverboats also have various activities, like cooking classes, so the passengers can learn how to make their own European cuisine after they get home, a way they can share their vacation memories with loved ones.

The Riverboat Experience

The overall experience of a riverboat is far different than any other ship. With a riverboat, you have a constant view of land and landmarks. Most ships also provide passengers with various decks that offer views that encompass the entire ship, giving passengers a view that they would not find anywhere else.

If you have always dreamed of a world-class European vacation, a riverboat cruise is the premier way to see all of Europe in style and class. These luxury riverboats offer the same, sometimes more, amenities and activities as your traditional cruise ships, and they are the ideal way to be able to see all of Europe. Additionally, the price of a European riverboat cruise is typically comparable to that of the oceanic cruise and less than your traditional hotel stay in Europe. This is the perfect opportunity to not just go to Europe, but to see all of Europe and have a luxury riverboat experience.

Written by Neil Brissette. Neil is a travel writer. He enjoys sharing his travel stories on various sites across the web. He loves white water rafting, yachting and river cruises Europe.

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