Marine Life Cruises in Northumberland

One of the most wonderful features of Northumberland is its marine life. Northumberland is a haven for many different types of marine life, all of which can be seen when you book a cruise from one of Northumberland’s bustling ports and harbours.

DGJ_4066 - The Hector
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Northumberland marine cruises are also perfect for anyone wishing to see more than just marine life, for as well as dolphins, whales and other types of fish and sea mammals, tourists are also able to catch sight of many different species of birds. Depending on the season you can see petrels, skuas and Sooty Shearwaters, as well as many other species of birds which can only be found along Northumbria’s wild coastline.

Finding Your Perfect Northumberland Marine Cruise

Many people choose to stick with the most popular providers of Northumberland marine cruises, such as Northern Experience Wildlife Tours who offer cruises in the North Sea off the main Northumberland Coast. But what you will be able to see and do on your cruise depends on what time of year you book and which operator you decide to use.

Some choose to combine their marine cruise with a fishing trip, taking in the wonderful sights of the open sea whilst at the same time catching something good for the table! Fishing cruises are available at most times of year but tail off over winter when the weather is more inclement, and can be taken from any of the main harbours or ports with a variety of different companies. Cruises are also available from Northumberland which will take you much further afield; for example, to Scotland and Norway.

Booking Holiday Cottages in Northumberland

The best way to experience a Northumberland marine cruise or fishing trip is by booking a holiday in Northumberland at one of the many amazing Northumberland holiday cottages. Renting cottages in Northumberland is a popular choice for many tourists who wish to take in as many marine or fishing cruises as possible, in order to take in as much of Northumberland’s amazing scenery, flora and fauna as possible.

Northumbria cottages can be found across Northumberland and beyond, being situated in many of the towns and villages that occupy the ancient region of Northumbria which now encompasses many parts of the UK region of North East England and the Scottish Borders.

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