Must see Places in Eastern Mediterranean Cruise

An European Cruise vacation in the eastern Mediterranean would be the vacation choice for most of people. Cruise lines like Costa, Crystal, Celebrity, Holland America, Princess, Royal Caribbean International are the most popular cruise lines that operate in southern Europe area.



There are so many itineraries in western and eastern Mediterranean cruises that change often. Before planning an European you need a “must see” list. There are so many ports of call offered by cruise lines so we are going to explain it not by ports of call but by countries you can visit in an eastern Mediterranean cruise vacation.


Almost every eastern Mediterranean cruise trip starts in Italy (Civitavecchia). This way you can extend your trip and enjoy visiting Rome and Venice. In Rome you can visit the Colosseum or Vatican city. In  Venice enjoying a gondola ride in the famous Venice canals is a “must do”.
Other Port of call in Italy are the island of Sardinia the city of Naples and the island of Capri. While in Naples, don’t miss the short excursion to Pompeii, famous lost city. While you are in Livorno you can  visit Leaning Tower of Pica.


Every eastern Mediterranean cruise trip have stops in Greece. While stop in Piraeus Don’t miss a to the Acropolis. Corfu is also another port of call for eastern Mediterranean . In Corfu you can visit Olympia and Achilleion Palace. Greek islands  like Mykonos, Rhodes, Patmos, Crete and Cyprus are the most visited places by eastern Mediterranean .


The most well known port of call in Croatia is Dubrovnik. By a shore excursion you can enjoy Dubrovnik’s medieval stone houses. If you choose to travel by smaller cruise ships you would be available to visit Korcula and Trogir.


In Istanbul you can visit Blue Mosque build by the greatest architect Sinan, Topkapi Palace, the Palace of almost all Ottoman Sultans and Haghia Sofia, that was converted from a church to an mosque after Sultan Fatih( Fatih means conqueror in Turkish ) conquered Constantinople. Haghia Sofia now is a “must see” museum. Other ports of call in Turkish Riviera are Kusadasi ( ancient Ephesus ) and Bodrum.

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