What to Do on a Cruise

Planning a cruise is a very exciting. First, you would think about the activities outside the ship. But if you are not a new cruiser you will know that most of your time will be spent on the ship. Surprises waiting for you especially on the European cruises.
On the first day, probably there will be a dinner with captain. After a nice meal you fill find a live orchestra and a chance to dance. Next evening may have activities like theater. But if you don’t like the movie you can see a stage show. But I am sure that you will enjoy candlelit dinner with your loved ones.



Don’t forget the spas. You can have facial or any other kind of beauty treatment. Of course there are unbelievable massages, too. If you are relaxed enough, you can go to gym and work out.
Cruises are carefully designed. They’re trying to give you a limitless vacation. And they are successful at it. The only thing you should do is relax and have fun. They’ll take care of everything.
And, money. Yes cruises are not cheap. But when you think the services you receive every penny is well spent.  If you compare cruises with other types of vacations  you will realize that they’re not different in the case of money. However, they are different with the services, views. And cruises are always too many steps ahead. Enjoy your trip and don’t forget that your vacation is well planned and designed to make you very comfortable.


  1. Alfred says:

    Good advice. I know friends who have gone on cruises and spent too much time worrying about cost when they should have been appreciating all they were provided. I think you need to get into the mentality that you’re buying a huge amount of activities rather than paying for just boat ride.

  2. laptop says:

    i think Cruise is quite boring if you live always in ship.

  3. TravelHealth says:

    Agreed, good info. Also if it is a destination cruise and you want to do some activities at your destination, book early as they often sell out.

  4. kadmiel says:

    the best places are the carriabean cruise lines they travel all over central and south america but along the way there are many different things to do on the ship

  5. Nile cruise says:

    For a great holiday experience nile cruise will be a good option. You can enjoy and have a great holiday at luxury nile cruises. Nile cruise also provides classical tour experience to cairo and egypt and also provides a unique opportunity to view the rural life of people in the nile valley.

  6. If you are on cruise so most of the time you bore but if you do different types of activities on it so your time will be pass like swimming in beautiful water and having fun with other travelers, have a drink and gambling if you like that dance and watch movies etc.

  7. cruise are the best place for holiday with love one.I have been many times and i enjoyed the most.