Go on a Winter South American Cruise

Imagine, you are lounging poolside in your bathing suit, the sea breeze tickling your nose and a waiter is standing above you with a refreshing fruity beverage. You are only minutes from the next stop, exotic and vibrant Chilean music is floating towards you from the coast.

This cruise-dream experience will be a reality fairly soon since Chilean public works minister, Laurence Golborne, has taken the initiative. The minister went to Beijing to meet with 20 Chinese business owners and discussed the possible investment of the Chacao Channel Bridge Project. The bridge would connect Chiloe Island with the Chilean mainland, which Chile hopes to attract more tourism and decrease the amount of time it takes for commuters to travel from the island to the mainland from 40 minutes to less than five.

Pia glacier
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A cruise might seem lavish to many, but you can budget your trip on a cruise and still have a good time. Currently, Compagnie du Ponant, a small-ship line is offering a discounted price of $500 per person from November to April of 2013 to South America, but the time to book that cruise is now. Look for senior discounts as well as military and student deals. There seems to be a discount for everything, so take advantage while setting up a vacation.

Killer Whales and a Glacier
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Just like losing your bag on a trip, being vulnerable to identity theft is just as aggravating, and possible. Investing in some much needed identity protection, like with Lifelock, will set your mind at ease while setting sail. Companies like this will guard your personal information where ever you go and monitor your credit. Added peace of mind is never a bad thing, especially when you’re trying to relax.

Get a (Cheaper) Room

Many may not know that they have the option for a room that is cheaper than one with an ocean view, but there is the porthole room, which only has one window that may not have a view of the water, but if you want to save some extra dollars for other luxuries on the ship, it might be a sensible choice. If having a better view or more room in your cabin is more important, then you might have to skimp a bit on spending for many things but try to not cut your costs in the tipping department.

Walk Wherever You Go

It may take longer to get to your destination while on the trip, but it might be a good idea to walk to dinner or to the next show. Walking is advised while on the mainland too; you can have more time to take in the sights, like the Cultural Center Museum in Santiago or Oncol rainforest preserve near Valdivia, and save money on transportation too.

Sailing Up Glacier Bay Alaska, 1680 x 1050 Wallpaper
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Whether you choose to go on a cruise to South America or anywhere else in the world, these money saving and safety tips can be useful no matter where you travel to. Pack a bag with some added security and plenty of space on your digital camera for memorable photos. Remember, you don’t have to be flush with cash to enjoy a fun and relaxing cruise.

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