5 tips for a smooth European cruise

Are you looking for a cheap, extensive European cruise? Let me be honest;  your job is quite hard. Because of countless itinerary options, European cruises will give you hard time. Plus, and port exploration options, you will need extensive maps just to keep track!

Here are tips for a smooth European cruise:

mediterranean yachts 200x150 5 tips for a smooth European cruise cruise

mediterranean yachts

1.    Make a what-to-do list. Write down the specific places you would like to visit. “Visit Paris” is not a good reminder. Try to be specific on everything. If you have not enough information about destinations, visit frommers.com for detailed information about any destination.

2. Check Out The Ports. You can’t imagine the differences between ports. They can be very distant to the city. So, you have travel on a bus. For example, most European cruises stop Civitavecchia, Rome and then travel to Rome. That’s why you will be on some bus instead of exploring Colosseum. Bottom line, my advise is booking a prearranged to Rome.

3.  Cruise Research online : You should do Internet research about every port. If you stop at a port such as Istanbul or Athens, you may want to forgo the extra fees and structure of the prearranged shore excursion, and explore the city on your own.

4. Learn the Excursions.  Most of European cruise lines offer special shore excursions; some employ experts in local culture, food and art to join you on the cruise. You will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes at a museum or performance space, or have a tour of a legendary winery; your cruise line may arrange a meeting with famous artists, chefs, or performers.

5. Detailed Planning. You will get mail after you book a European cruise. In the mail there will be cruise materials package. Carefully review the information. Pick the shore excursions and sign up for them before departure.  Even if you have chosen a cruise that is all inclusive, including tour fees, make sure to sign up for the excursions you want. Make note of the shore excursions for which you cannot pre-register.


  1. I think the places everyone should visit in Europe is northern Europe instead of visiting southern Europe as is always the favored destination

  2. northern and southern europe have two different cultures and coastal places to visit, if you want medieval history you should visit northern europe, if you want ancient history you should visit southern europe :)

  3. Cruises from the United Kingdom which falls in Northern Europe fall into 2 basic categories. In the summer they go North to the land of the Midnight Sun and in the Winter to go South to the Canary Islands or beyond in search of warmer climes.
    Travelling to vist historic sites would not normally be associated with cruising?

  4. may it will be cause people who travel mediterranean use do visit different historical places in istanbul or greece stop.

  5. I think the reason why most British holiday makers visit southern Europe though is because they want more sun. There’s just hardly any sun in Britain.