How to Save on Cruises – You Should Know this before you book a cruise

There are some secrets that your travel agent wouldn’t tell you. Did you know that travel agents make anywhere to 10% – 20% commission from a last minute deal or standard booking? The average family spends for a normal is 3000$ to 6000$ and 20% of this value is not bad, it adds up to 600-1200$ commission in every booking. Did you know that 90% of travel agents personal travel and vacations are free? Here is an example: lets say a travel agent books a group, a college group of 30 people, he not only gets commission but for every 8 people that go, he gets a free ticket. Not bad for a Travel agent, right?

In this economic crisis you need to be even more savvy. Don’t get caught paying those hight commissions to your travel agents. Now lets go to the main question: How would you save this money and put them back to your wallet?
Cruise is # 1 choice for vacations  cause on a cruise vacation you can see many different places and have a time full of entertainment on board and on . This is way so many peoples choice for their vacations. According to Florida – Caribbean Cruise Association there were 12.800.000 cruisers in 2008.  Even  it was an economical crisis there was an increase of 200,000 passengers from last year. In 2008 80% of the were booked through travel agents in different places of the world. That means that 48 million $ was been paid to travel agents in 2008. Hmmmm, 48 million dollar is not so bad for a few clicks in front of an computer.

What about other 20% people. How are they booking their cruises?
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