Make sure your insurance suits you

A cruise should be the pinnacle of luxury. On a cruise, you should be able to relax and enjoy the peace and tranquillity (as well as soaking up all of those rays!) However, many people who go on cruises forget to buy travel insurance as they are not fully aware of the risks involved. Although it is unlikely that things will go wrong, we must always plan for the worst, just in case.

After Armor...Time to Relax
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Here are the three main things that you should ensure your travel insurance covers:

  1. Unforeseen Issues or Cancellations:

With cruises there can be a number of unforeseen reasons for cancelling the trip and reasons why you would ask for a refund. It is rare that the refund process is a smooth process and you need to ensure that you have the correct documentation that states your entitlements. It is vitally important that you are covered for all of these reasons because if not then your insurer may not refund for your cruise- particularly if the company you were travelling with files for bankruptcy.

  1. Age of the Person or People Wanting to be Insured:

Cruises are an ideal type of holiday for people aged 65 or above. However, people of such an age often struggle to find insurance that suits them. The Telegraph ran an article in 2006 claiming that many veteran travellers were forced to stay at home due to high insurance fees. For this reason, specialist insurers such as Able 2 Travel offer insurance that is targeted specifically at the over 65s. Always ensure that you get cover that is suitable for you.

  1. Make Sure Pre-Existing Conditions are Covered:

If you have any form of pre-existing medical condition then always make sure that you are covered by your insurance. Although it is unlikely that the issue will flare up again while you’re away there is still a chance. Some insurers do not cover pre-existing illnesses; always make sure that yours does. Otherwise, you could end with a rather large medical bill if you have any problems!

If all of these areas are covered by your travel insurance then you should be all set and ready to climb on deck. Remember, cruises are there for your enjoyment and relaxation. If you have the correct insurance then all you need is the good weather to roll in too. So, stay calm, relax and enjoy your holiday!

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